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Why refer a client to EZ Scripts Pharmacy?

Your Client's Benefits

  • Receives Rx for the life of the work comp claim

  • Prescription verified immediately

  • Immediate Rx coverage

  • Easy enrollment process

  • Reduce Rx delays

  • No interruption in medication delivery



  • Accommodate last-minute address changes for Rx delivery due to vacation, being away from home, etc.

  • Auto medication refills


  • 100% medication availability


  • No out-of-pocket expenses (we direct bill to insurance)

  • Receives timely and relevant SMS text messages regarding the status of Rx, delivery information, etc.


  • Safe and secure management of data and records

  • Access to exceptional customer service

Your Law Firm's Benefits

  • Extend your client care

  • Confidence that you are referring your client to a highly reputable work comp pharmacy

  • Easy client referral process

  • Access to exceptional customer service

What are the next steps once EZ Scripts Pharmacy receives my client referral?

  • One of our enrollment specialists will contact your patient very soon.

  • We will then collect additional information from your patient.

  • Next, we will contact your office for additional information we might need that is not already supplied on the prescription. 

  • We will verify the prescription.

  • Once the prescription is verified, the pharmacy will fill it and ship your client's medication to them via UPS  My Choice.

Is there another way I can refer my work comp client to EZ Scripts Pharmacy?

Yes! We welcome you to call or email our office to refer your client at 443.290.6337 or

How can I receive additional assistance?

Please call us with your questions at 443.290.6337 or email us at

Why refer a client
What are the next steps
Is there another way to refer
How can I see additonal info?

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Does your law firm have multiple locations?

Thank you for your referral!One of our enrollment specialists will contact your client soon.






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