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Why enroll with EZ Scripts Pharmacy to receive my work comp medications?

  • Prescription verified immediately

  • Easy enrollment process



  • Accommodate last-minute address changes for Rx delivery due to vacation, being away from home, etc.

  • Immediate Rx coverage

  • Auto medication refills


  • 100% medication availability


  • No out-of-pocket expenses (we direct bill to insurance)


  • Receive Rx for the life of the work comp claim

  • Receive timely and relevant SMS text messages regarding the status of Rx, delivery information, etc.


  • Safe and secure management of data and records

  • Access to exceptional customer service

  • Confidence that you will be receiving your medications from a highly reputable work comp pharmacy

  • No interruption in medication delivery

What are the next steps once EZ Scripts Pharmacy receives my completed enrollment form?

  • One of our enrollment specialists will call you very soon.

  • While on the phone with one of our enrollment specialists, they will request additional information from you.

  • Next, we will contact your health care provider for additional information we may need to fill your prescription(s). 

  • We will verify your prescription(s).

  • Once your prescription(s) is verified, the pharmacy staff will fill the prescription(s) and ship them to you via UPS  My Choice.

Is there another way to enroll with EZ Scripts Pharmacy besides this online form?

Yes! We welcome you to call or email our office to refer to enroll with one of our friendly and knowledgeable enrollment specialists at 443.290.6337 or

How can I receive additional assistance?

Please call us with your questions at 443.290.6337 or email us at

Fields marked with an * are required.

Does your health care provider have multiple locations?
Are you currently working with an attorney your work comp case?

Thank you for completing our preliminary enrollment form!

One of our enrollment specialists will call you soon to complete your enrollment application.


Why enroll as a work comp pharmacy patient?
Complete and submit this form to refer your work comp patient to EZ Scripts Pharmacy.
What are the next steps?
Is there another way to enroll?
How can I receive more help?






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