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Leading Work Comp Pharmacy

We are licensed in 20 states and are owned by Principled Dynamics, Inc., which is a family business with 40+ years in the medical and health care industries.

Complete Medication Inventory

We maintain 100% medication availability. We also provide injectables, some DME equipment, and hard-to-source formularies.

Easy Patient Enrollment

We provide an easy patient enrollment process. Patients can enroll on our website, over the phone, or have an enrollment form emailed to them.

Quality Doctor and
Attorney Referrals

With our vast network of client attorneys and doctors in states we serve, we can offer multiple referrals for either or both to prospective patients.

Access to 240 Languages

Through Language Line, we are able to communicate effectively and provide excellent customer service with patients  in up to 240 languages.

Multiple Ways to Send Prescriptions

For health care providers, we offer three easy and convenient  ways to forward us a patient's prescription: by Escribe, Fax, or Phone

Communication via SMS Text Messages

A patient may choose to have timely and relevant updates sent to them about timeline to process medication, delivery tracking, and more.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated team of enrollment specialists and customer service representatives. We believe every patient is the most important patient.

Safe & Secure
Records and Data

Patients medical information and related data is safe and secure in our system. We work daily to ensure our platforms and server is fully functioning.

Medications Delivered Overnight

All patient medications are delivered overnight via FedEx Home Delivery. We text patients tracking information too so they know estimated arrival details.

Minimize Billing Headaches

A patient needs to focus on healing not spending time on understanding a work comp bill. We make it easy for the patient - we direct bill to insurance.

Auto Medication Refills

 We automatically send patient refills via FedEx Home Delivery. Plus, we follow up with a patient's health care provider directly if we do not see a refill Rx.

Reduce Prescription Delays

With our years of experience serving work comp patients, we have perfected our enrollment, Rx verification, filling, and delivery methods to reduce delays.

We Pay for Rx's to be Overnighted to Us

A Mission With Meaning

All staff commit to our company's mission: to maintain the highest ethical practices in all aspects of pharmaceutical care for injured workers.

Seamless Referral Solution

Our enrollment process allows for either a health care provider or staff from a law firm to refer a patient or client. Plus, a patient can also self-refer!

Accommodate Change to Delivery Address

When requested, we can change the delivery destination of a patient's medication, which ensures a patient will continue his medication as prescribed.

Receive Medication
for Life of Claim

It's stressful wondering how long medication related to a work comp injury will be covered. We continue to medication for the life of the claim. 

Extend Patient
and Client Care

For health care providers and attorneys, we provide an extension of service to your office with our work comp expertise.

No Interruption in Medication Delivery

Because our pharmacy and customer service staff work together, rarely, if ever, do patients experience an interruption in medication delivery.

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